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Welcome to the Great Lakes Discus Web Site! Here you will find pictures of my Hatchery and of Discus available for sale. Please bookmark this site as we plan on updating often. I have an excellent reputation for providing the highest quality Discus and outstanding service. Please look through my references and please feel free to contact me anytime. I love to talk Discus with customers who share my passion for Discus. I am working very hard to ensure my Discus are happy because, ultimately, they will be your Discus. I am sure you will find a Discus to suite your needs. I hope you enjoy your visit and come back often. Thank You.

We believe in Grade A, high quality discus the first time and every time thereafter. We havePearl Pigeon Bloods been working with our strains for many years, out crossing them to other exact strains of our types. We have taken all the work out of it for you. Most of our strains can be inbred up to 3 generations without losing their excellent genetic backgrounds. They all consist of German and Asian stock. We will only import to select new varieties that we hope to breed and add to our bloodlines. We may also import to fulfill our strains that are offered as monthly specials. All of our discus are parent raised. We do not use the artificial methods. We believe parent raising is an important part of our discusí development.

Snake SkinsVisit our order page to find out how you can order your very own Great Lakes Discus. Our Discus feature round bodies, small eyes, the best blood-lines, and of course are 100 Percent Guaranteed! Great Lakes Discus works very hard to protect our excellent reputation by shipping only our highest quality Discus. Visit our Gallery to see for yourself. Give us a call or send an email and order your Discus today.

If you've purchased discus from me, I invite you to add your discus pictures to our Customer Gallery.

About Cary Strong and Great Lakes Discus

Since I was a little boy, tropical fish keeping has always been a passion of mine. I would spend hours studying and reading up on the different strains and species and their care.  From guppies to mollies to tetras to barbs. It didnít matter I loved them all. I think this is what started my obsession with discus. It has been 16 years now since I saw a discus at my local pet shop and I am still amazed by their beauty.

My name is Cary Strong and I am a breeder and importer and most of all I am still a discus hobbyist.  I am a native of Detroit, Michigan USA where I continue to reside with my wife, Susan, and my two sons Jack and Aaron. I am also the owner of a thriving discus hatchery-Great Lakes Discus

I began breeding discus as a challenge. I was told it was a very difficult task and even if I did breed them it was not likely that they would survive. I was told that the parameters for keeping a discus would be almost impossible to maintain. Boy, were they wrong. It took a while but I finally found the right formula. Since then, it has been a constant learning experience with many trails and errors.

The first six years of my discus adventure were almost my last. I was only running about 10 tanks or so and at that time it was quite a bit of work. I would age water with peat moss and water softening pillows. Not to mention my over use of skin burning acids that I used to try to lower the pH. At this time I had no other source but textbooks to refer to on discus health and care. Overall, I had no problem raising and growing discus but my plans to breed were a whole other story. I was wasting too much time and money tampering with my water like the books suggested and it finally got the best of me. I decided to give up. At this point, I decided to do water changes straight from the tap without any chemical combinations. My pH from the tap was 7.5 with a kH of 7 and a gh of 7. The books said it could not be done but this is what I did then and this is what I continue to do. Now all of my discus fry and future breeders are raised in pure tap water. However, I use a portion of R/O water to increase the hatch rates. This is done by mixing 75% tap water to 25% R/O water. This brings the conductivity from 235 to 125 mS. 

Basically my goal is to help the hobby grow. I spend many long nights writing e-mails and answering phone calls from customers, as well as, other breeders and hobbyists.  I also help people from around the world with discus problems on many different Internet forums, including,  Which has been a home for me over the last few years. However, many of my most fulfilling experiences have come from traveling to different cities throughout the United States talking to discus clubs and enthusiasts about my discus knowledge. Volunteering my time to these clubs has really given me a chance to share what I have learned about discus over the last 16 years with people who are just as interested in discus as I am. Recently, I attended one of the biggest conferences in North America, the American Cichlid Association Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. There thousands gathered to view and display many different cichlids from all over the world.  I was able to display my most prized possessions as well. I entered my discus as a formal entry into the showís contest. It was very exciting. There were 56 different discus and over 300 other cichlids competing for the grand prize. To my surprise I ended bringing home the Reserve Best in Show award and First Place award for my Red Turquoise and Third Place in the discus category for my Blue Cover (my own breed of a emerald green and blue diamond cross).

I have collected many of my discus strains from around the world from many of the best discus breeders. I believe one of the best tools to find the best breeders is too use the Internet. There are many sites and forums that can direct you to a breeder that will best fit your needs. One of my good friends and a valued colleague that I met on the Internet is Khoo Seng Chye Roy from Singapore. I have purchased many discus from Roy to add to my bloodlines and in my opinion Roy is a quality man not a quantity man. He fits my needs because he sends me discus that are of healthy, high quality breeding stock. This is hard to find in many cases and using forums on the Internet and getting opinions from other discus lovers may be able to help you weed out the good from the bad. I too have had success selling discus over the Internet. When I first displayed my website: I had no idea of the impact it would have on the discus community. And I do think that this comes from the fact that a website is an advertisement but from the fact that I keep my promise as to what is stated on my website. I provide grade A, high quality discus with a guarantee of a healthy fish. And that is what my customers receive from me.

Buying discus can be difficult so I advise people to do research before jumping on the first discus they see. They need to gather the facts to make an informed discus purchase. I would suggest they look for these qualities in a discus: a round shaped body and round eyes that match the body size. Stay away from discus that are oblong or that have big eyes. This could be a sign of disease or neglect from the breeder.  And choose a color that appeals to you. Stay away from discus that are dark in color. This too could be a sign of disease.

Disease has been an interest of mine from the start as well. I have done a lot of research on different types of diseases that strike discus. Many are common and some are not so common. But overall I am seeing many people fail in the discus hobby because they are receiving sick discus from suppliers who are not caring for or treating their discus properly. Many suppliers do not even know the signs of an ill fish.  In my opinion, this will only hurt the discus hobby and keep it from growing. Knowing how to prevent the spread of disease is the first step to becoming a successful discus keeper.  From my experience, discus are susceptible to most pathogen and protozoan attacks. However, discus are very hearty and easy to keep if they are free from disease. They only need a few basic things thrive: frequent water changes in low bio/load tank.  My part as a breeder should be to guarantee the health of the discus I sell to you. But I still recommend that you quarantine your new discus purchase from your older stock no matter who you buy them from.      


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