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We appreciate the support our customers have given us over the years and welcome customer comments and pictures of their discus.  If you would like to submit a comment or photograph of your discus simply email us.  We consider all information to be confidential and we will not share, sell, or rent information with anyone.  

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Name:  Diane Sauer
Description:  125 Gal Discus Tank

Name:  John

Name:  Lee Chaney
Name:  Kathy Block
Description:  72 Gal Bow Front


"Hey Mom,
We got a new foreign exchange student at school today.  She's also from a "Great Lake' somewhere in Scotland." Her name is Nessie."

Name:  Mark
Cary, Took some pics of our fish yesterday and thought you might want to see. One pic has our older discus swimming about with the new..there is also a tiny baby in that shot. We are still debating as to when we want to purchase the Gold Diamonds, we will let you know. Thanks, Mark























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