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Gallery 2 (Click on images for a larger view)
Solid Marlboros
GLD Blue Diamond
Gold Marlboro
Gold Diamond
Blue Cobalt
Blue Diamonds
Blue Snakes
Snowflakes and Leopards
Gold and Yellow Fry
High Bodied Blue Diamond
High Bodied Blue Diamond
White Butterfly
Spotted Scorpion Snake
Angle Blue Diamonds
GLD F-1 Gold X Melon
Gold and Yellow
Violet Reflection
White Diamond
High Bodied Blue Diamond
Blue Cobalt
Golden Marlboro
Gold X Melon Fry
GLD Red Spotted Green X Snowflake
GLD White Diamond
Golden Snake Skins
Red Melons
Golden Melons
Red Doll
Gold and Yellows
GLD Blue Panda
Blue Diamond X Snowflake
GLD Jade Pigeon Blood
GLD Emerald Green X Blue Diamond
Melons Red, Gold and Blue
Tangerine and Leopard
Blue and Gold Diamonds
GLD Blue Pandas
Golden Melons
Golden Marlboro and fry
Green Diamonds
Rose Red
GLD White Diamonds X Tangerines
GLD= Great Lakes Discus
X= Cross
F-1= First Generation


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