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We appreciate the support our customers have given us over the years and welcome customer comments and pictures of their discus.  If you would like to submit a comment or photograph of your discus simply email us.  We consider all information to be confidential and we will not share, sell, or rent information with anyone.

Just an update on my discus...  All 15 are healthy and growing.  I can't get over how perfect each of them is; round bodies, small red eyes, and beautiful fin structure.  Their appetites are huge.  GLD rocks!!! - Wayne

Just thought I'd update you on my fish. It has been a month now since I got my six discus. I swear they grow every day and get more color too. The snakeskin is showing more color all the time, and the red melon is defiantly the head fish. All eat a ton!  Thanks allot, I'll keep in touch. -Scott 

Cary , just to let you know the fish I received ( back in Oct and again in Feb) are doing great . They are without a doubt the best discus have ever bought . I have never had fish eat and grow as fast as these. There colors are coming in great also. Keep up the good work and i hope to do business with you in the future . Thanks Louie

It's just a little token of appreciation for ALL OF THE HELP I have gotten from GLD. My new Discus are beautiful!  I will send some pictures as they grow. Yes , I do make them myself, Hope you Enjoy them!!! Tell Cary I am definitely interested in the Solid Red Marlboros and Gold Diamonds when they are available. I wish you well with your delivery - GOD BLESS YOU & THE BABY !!! Karen

Hi Cary, This is Thomas.....I ordered the Nhaminda Blues from you in July of '02.All of them are grown and the males are about 7". As I have learned from you and other experienced discus keepers, I changed water twice a day when they were growing up, and once a day when they are my opinion this is the GOLDEN RULE. A little time consuming, but well worth it. No fish was lost . All that has to be attributed the superior stock of discus I got from you. Now I am thinking about getting some more ........well I will contact you when that uncontrollable urge comes about. Your friend, (Thomas)

AWESOME!! AWESOME!! AWESOME!! That's all I can say about the 9 Discus you sent my son and I.  Following acclamation, the Discus were released in the tank and within an hour they were coming to the side looking for food.  As you suggested, I fed them four hours later and all were very hungry.  The size, shape and color were incredible.  Just to compare your fish with those that died from _____________________, your 2" was larger than their 3" and your 3" was larger than their 4".  It would be impossible to compare the shape, color and quality of your fish to theirs as yours are far superior.  The professionalism in you bagging, packing and shipping was incredible also.  Each Discus was individually bagged and the bags were reinforced in the shipping container to prevent movement and that is why your fish will live and theirs died.  I am sorry that their Discus were tortured through their improper handling, bagging, packing and shipping, but I am glad it gave me a chance to see yours in my tank and really learn what a quality and healthy Discus looks like.  Now I know that there are some Discus breeders that can be trusted and you are definitely one of them.  You have been extremely helpful in every way and I look forward to a long business relationship and my son and I consider you and your family true friends.  I know you will have a great future and I wish you and your family the very best.  I am retired so the Discus are part of my later years of enjoyment.  THANKS!! (Travis & Eric)

Love the little guys, they have a beautiful shape, eyes, etc and are the healthiest tail waggers I have ever seen. Swear they would eat until they pop. Feeding 4X a day and they act like they want more. Keep up the good work!!! (Gene)

Thank you so much for the beautiful fish that I received yesterday. All 15 are perfect fish. Round bodies nice coloring. Your customer service has been great. Anyone looking for discus should certainly not go any further than My experience with you has been great and I look forward to doing business with you again soon. One day after I got the fish they are swimming all around the 125 tank and looking for food. thank you (larry)

Hi Cary !
I'm so glad and exited about your new web page.
The first fish which I order doing very well and is in Fantastic Shape! Actually they adjust for about 2 weeks.
Every one person ask me where did I get this shape....many fish stores as well. Where ? Mr. Cary Strong :) I'm really proud Man,
I should become agent for your Company - I'm joking, no time Cary I gat work a lot to do.
I'm really Proud with your fish and thanks God made people as you !

I wish all the best to your Family and one more time - Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Nick)

Hello Cary how are you doing?...Just wanted to let you know that my Discus are doing great!!...Very happy with the shape of them at that age, nice and round!!!...They are already acclimated to my tank there was not even one problem getting these guys swimming around...I want to get another tank and buy some more of those Snakeskins you have...I thought that was cool how you gave me the net and let me grab my own!...I will keep my business with you anytime I need Discus...Thanks for having us over! (Jason)

Cary sells top-quality Discus & was a  tremendous help before, during, and after the fish arrived. He helped me set up the right conditions prior to shipping, answering all my questions before and during acclimating the fish to their new surroundings. I ordered 4 different strains and every discus from all four strains are beautiful specimens. I've bred, raised, and bought thousands of fish in my life and I must say the fish I received from Cary rank right at the top as some of the best fish I've ever owned. Thanx! (Curt)

I've just received 13 discus from Cary and I must say how impressed I am.  The fish are PERFECT!  Nice round bodies, high fins and small clear eyes.  I've posted pictures in the Customer Gallery for all to see. I can't wait for them to come into full color.  Cary took great care in shipping them too.  Each arrived triple bagged separately and labeled.  Its only been three days since their arrival and they are coming out to greet me and eating well.  I could not be more pleased with the quality of Cary's fish or the care and advice Cary has given me.  I was recommended by a satisfied customer and like they say word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. Cary's reputation as a premium discus breeder is well deserved.  I can't wait to get more.  Now if only I could talk my husband into buying more tanks or a bigger house with more room and...more tanks ;) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! (Kathy)

Hi Cary,
I wanted to write and tell you what a pleasure and an honor it was to meet you this weekend.  Although it was the first time we met in person it seemed like running into an old friend.  I really enjoyed your presentation. I found it informative, entertaining and very interesting.  Your experience and expertise show in your comfort level when talking about the fish.  Your passion for the hobby is so obvious.  Thank you so much for giving of your time and sharing with those of us back east!

I also want to thank you for the fish.  He is absolutely gorgeous.  I couldn't really see what he looked like at Al's  but when I got him home and introduced him into the tank he was absolutely beautiful... now that he has been there a few days I am really taken with him.  Granted I am quite naive and still a newcomer  but I personally have never seen a fish that color.  His markings are so delicate and subtle.  He is a wonderful addition to my collection. 
I am at a funny stage here... I am actually pretty contented with the fish that I have.... Not to compare with anyone else but even after looking at so many posts and pics when I sit down in my fish room and look at my fish I look with awe and gratitude at these beautiful creatures.  If it weren't for you and Al, I would not be at this point.  In fact I doubt that I would be in any phase of the hobby at all.  You guys helped me through that learning curve to this point of being able to raise healthy, fat and happy discus. 
All I can say is thanks! Be safe, Be well, Be Peace, (Peter)

I consider Cary at Great Lakes Discus to be the #1breeder around. His fish are fantastic and Cary is even better (if that is possible!). He is knowledgeable and is Pro-hobbyist all the way!!!! ACA 2003.. Wow! Seeing his monsters up close was also testament to his great keeping skills! You won't be disappointed in your order from Cary! Thanks Cary for providing us with High Quality, Healthy Discus! (Jean)

Well it's been two weeks and I think the Discus has adjusted very well.  He is eating both frozen and flake plankton.  Each night I look at him and I am amazed at how beautiful that fish is.  Thanks again for all your help.  This was my first Discus mail order purchase.  I will be making more purchases through you this spring. (Keith)

I purchased 10 discus (4) Snake Skins, (4) Red Turquoise (2) Striated Pigeon Bloods and 5 Blue Rams from you just before Christmas. Out of the 10 I have managed to keep 9 of them happy. One passed away within a week or so and I thought here I go, but did they prove me wrong. These guys will eat ten times a day if I let them. They get Blood Worms at 8:00 A.M.-Tetra Color Bits (Slow Sinking) at 1:00 P.M. Lights on at 3:00 P.M. Shrimp at 6:00 P.M. and Flakes or Pellets again at 10:00 P.M. Lights Out at 11:00 P.M. They get your Magic Recipe only on the weekends as it tends to foul the water so I watch it carefully. They are in a 100 gallon tank Temp set at 84 deg. Filtering with (2) Aqua Clear 500 & (2) six in Sponge filters. The tank is populated with live plants. Substrate is silica Sand. Change 25% of the water every 10 to 14 days. There is also 3 green Cory Cats. One of the Pigeons Eats very well but does not seem to want to grow he has been stuck at about 2.0" inches for weeks.
All the Rams turned out to be Males but they have all grown to about 2.0" to 2.5" long and seem to get along pretty well.
One of the Pigeon Bloods is about 4.0" inches long the rest of the Discus are between 3.0" to 3.5" inch's long other then the one. They have thick bodies with nice red coloring in the eyes. Their colors are starting to show up know and they are turning into very beautiful specimens.
Just wanted to let you know how your babies are doing.
If any of the information I gave you needs to be adjusted please let me know but the Discus seem to be happy at this time. At what age should I watch for them to start choosing mates or setting up territory?
If you want to edit this and put it in one of your satisfied customer forum please feel free to do so. Sorry I do not have a digital camera or I would send you pictures of the beauties. I will try and get some for you.  Thanks again (Ron)

"Do you want healthy discus?
Do you want nice, round, brilliant discus?
Do you want great shipping?
Do you want an honest discus breeder and seller?
Do you want expert advice before and after a sale?
Do you want the best discus you can buy?
Do you want to do it over the internet without worry?
You are at the right place. Look no further. All the above and MORE are here!
I have purchased discus a couple of times from Cary and have had great experiences each time. Cary is the best in the business!" (Ardan)

If your in the market for the finest discus available then look no further than the source, "Great Lakes Discus".  Cary offers the highest quality Discus available with his famous guarantee which is second to none!  One of the most exciting things to happen when buying from GLD is, not only are you getting the BEST discus available, but you also get the full after market support from Cary with his many years of knowledge on proper discus husbandry.  How can you beat that, "Awesome fish and a great Friend/Mentor".  I am a proud owner of 26 of Cary's finest. (Tad)

"I have been purchasing discus from Cary for 3 years.  He is always concerned for the well being of the fish and will back up with knowledge. His discus are Top Shelf !!" (Lee)

Cary is top notch all the way, providing excellent fish and customer service!!!  He is a real asset to the hobby and to hobbyists everywhere!!! (Judi)

Carey, you have some bad ass fish. These things eat like pigs. They have adapted very well. Please let me know when you get some different strains. I really want some nice marlboros, pigeon snakes, leopard snakes. Thanks for the great fish.   (Brian AKA Dr. Sumo)

The shipment did very well even though it was very cold out�. Great job � fabulous fish. (John)

"The fish showed up in great shape! I got a much better deal than I even hoped for! If any of you are looking for a great deal on some quality fish, look no further." (Matt)

"Hello, Cary. I’m very happy with the gold-diamond and German red turquoise discus I picked up today. I wish I could have taken a dozen of each of the types you have….I’m looking forward to my next trip out." (McGilley)

"I received only Grade A fish from Cary. Cary is an up and coming player in the discus mail-order market. He displayed great customer service, and superb packing and shipping skills. He has great breeds and his fish look great! I can’t wait to order again." (Alexis)

"Excuse all of my misspellings in my rave review of the great fish Cary sent me! I was so excited to share with the forum (Discus Resource Page) my great mail-order experience!" (Alexis)

"Cary is simply the real deal! I had the opportunity to stop by and visit with him and his family. It’s refreshing to meet someone who is not only knowledgeable of Discus, but also honest and sincere. I don’t see how you could go wrong dealing with Cary. I will strongly recommend him to my Discus loving friends!" (Brian)

"Well, I got my Discus today from Cary and I was very, very happy. This was my first purchase of discus on the Internet and I will not hesitate to work with Cary again. Cary’s follow up on his stock and willingness to answer questions can only be a good thing for discus keepers now and in the future." (Bob)

"I received my third shipment of grade AAAA++++ fish from Mr. Strong this weekend, and they are just stunning! This guy is to discus what Tiger Woods is to golf!! Thanks, Cary, and keep up the good work." (Alexis)

"Cary sent me some fantastic discus that make other discus I’ve bought on the web look sick!" (Don)

"I just received my discus from Cary and all I can say is WOW!!!!!! All of the fish arrived in great condition. Do not hesitate to buy from Cary—I know I won’t!" (James)

"Hey Cary—great fish! I am glad I hooked up with you. They are looking good. I would recommend your discus to anyone. So if there is anyone thinking of buying, give Cary a call." (Bill)













































































































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